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ArsenalBio was founded to discover, develop and commercialize curative immune cell therapies

Board of Directors

Brook Byers
Ken Drazan MD
Matt Fust
Barbara Kosacz
Alexander Marson MD PhD
Sean Parker
Beth Seidenberg MD

Leadership Team

Ken Drazan MD
CEO, President, Director
Jane Grogan PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Susie Jun MD PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Tarjei Mikkelsen PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Bee Nguyen
Chief People Officer

Science Founders

Brad Bernstein MD PhD
W. Nicholas Haining BM BCh
Alexander Marson MD PhD
Theo Roth PhD
Kole T. Roybal PhD
E. John Wherry PhD

Scientific Advisors

Howard Y. Chang PhD
Elaine Fuchs PhD
Zemin Zhang PhD
Ananda Goldrath PhD
Cameron Turtle MBBS PhD



Jan 7, 2021 / ArsenalBio Announces Multi-Program Discovery Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb to Advance Next-Generation T cell Therapies for Solid Tumors. /
Oct 17, 2019 / ArsenalBio Launches With $85 Million Series A Financing to Advance New Paradigm to Discover and Develop Immune Cell Therapies /


Our mission is to create life-saving medicines for patients in need. We’re always looking for talented people who share our vision.

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